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The Power of the Giving Circle: From Collective Giving to Collective Impact

Jul 31, 2018
Insights from members of Hartford Foundation’s Black Giving Circle Fund, Catalyst Endowment Fund and Latino Endowment Fund on their experiences...

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Case Study of Dasra Giving Circles - A giving circle scorecard for measuring performance and impact

Nov 16, 2017
Dasra has adapted the Balanced Scorecard performance measurement tool to provide quarterly reporting to its giving circles, offering them insights...

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Recent Case Studies

Dasra Giving Circles - A giving circle scorecard for measuring performance and impact

Dasra Giving Circles are unusual in attracting large donations from members coupled to a package of consulting for selected non-profits....

New Day Asia: Adding value through member engagement

Hong Kong
This second case study on New Day Asia illustrates how its members add value to grantmaking by volunteering their...

Giving Circles in ASIA

Giving circle as a form of collective philanthropy in Asia is developing rapidly. Many giving circles in Asia have their origins with organisations and models from the U.S. and U.K. These were formally affiliated, loosely connected or informally inspired adaptations of foreign models (e.g. Social Venture Partners, Impact 100, Awesome Foundation, The Funding Network) to the Asian context. There are also many giving circles that have originated in Asia indigenously without any obvious direct relationship to an external model (e.g. Dasra, First Seeds Fund, New Day Asia, ARUN). In additional, many giving circles maybe 'invisible' because they are informally organised within an existing community and have no need to publicise their existence; others may prefer anonymity because they are a closed group of individuals with their own internal financial resources.

Below is an interactive map that will allow you to find giving circles in the various countries in Asia.