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When like minded folks come together to give and lend their expertise ...

Beryl Ng, the co-founder of little red dot giving circle (LRD), was first introduced to the concept of giving circles at a seminar in 2012 at the National University of Singapore. She says “The concept of giving circle really resonated with me. I liked the idea of a group of like-minded folks coming together to collectively give to a common cause. Besides being able to do strategic giving, there is the potential for greater engagement with the beneficiary organisations through skill based volunteerism. It is also a great way to learn to give as a group.”

At the seminar, Beryl was particularly impressed by the New Day Asia model and expressed interest in joining a similar one in Singapore. When she learned that there was no similar giving circle in Singapore, she initially dismissed its absence as the ‘busy Singaporean syndrome’. However, realising that Hong Kong is also a very busy work environment goaded her into action. She researched on the best way to set up a giving circle in Singapore and also took the initiative to speak to a few founders of giving circles such as Liza (New Day Asia) and Ramya (Focus India Forum) to learn from their experiences.  

Sharing what she had learnt on giving circles, Beryl managed to generate interest and commitment from her old friend, Susan Lim. Both women were inspired to take their interest to the next level. Together, they founded little red dot giving circle in January 2015. The model for LRD is a blend of New Day Asia and Focus India Forum. LRD is a platform for like-minded people to collectively give to causes that support women and girls at risk of, or rescued from slavery, trafficking and prostitution in Asia. Through its grants, it seeks to support empowerment for alternative trade such as employment training/opportunities for other means of livelihood as well as support education in villages/schools to build awareness of women/children at risk.

In the initial phase, LRD leverages the research and due diligence process conducted by other credible giving circles/grantors. Its first grant is disbursed in first quarter of 2015 to Daughters of Cambodia, a grantee of New Day Asia that New Day has visited. Daughters of Cambodia (DOC) is a faith-based non-Government organization reaching out to victims of sex-trafficking and sex-exploitation in Cambodia. DOC works to eradicate enslavement in the sex industry by offering opportunities to walk free and start a new life for those trapped in it. It operates fair-trade workplaces, with good working conditions, higher salaries than average, training, daycare, medical treatment, counselling, life-skills classes and opportunities to learn about the love of God. Through its programs, at least 100 girls every year were empowered to walk free from sex-work, and to experience psychological healing and better quality of life.

Since its inception, LRD has been growing through word of mouth. It is also very encouraged by an ad-hoc S$1,000 donation from another circle of friends. “We look forward to learning to give as we go along this journey”, said Beryl and Susan of their experience.

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