100 Women Who Care Singapore


1 hour X 100 Women x $100 = Making a difference

Kelly McFadzen is a teacher as well as a parent of a student studying in the Singapore American School. She heard about 100 Women Who Care from her sister who attended one chapter meeting near her hometown in Canada. Her sister was very impressed with the meeting and shared enthusiastically the philanthropy approach. Inspired by the model of 100 Women Who Care, she shared the idea with her friend, Ali Cuthbert who was instantly taken in by the idea too. Both women went on to cofound a similar chapter in Singapore in 2015, driven by their desire to contribute more to the local community.

Since both are from the Singapore American School community, it became the natural focus of the initiative. They encouraged staff and parents to join as members of the giving circle and used the school as a venue for meetings.

The nature of the expatriate community means that membership is very fluid, but despite this, numbers in the giving circle have stayed around 60 to 80. The goal is to have 100 women. Meetings are held quarterly during school term where members are given opportunities to share a charity that they would like the group to contribute to. When more than three charities are nominated, names are randomly drawn for the three presentation slots. Presentations often come with videos and slides as well as personal pitches from the presenters on why they think their charity deserves the money. Members then choose one charity via anonymous voting. This charity will receive all the $100 donations collected on that day from members. In the past 4 meetings, the donation amounts have ranged from S$5,500 to S$7,900. To date recipients include Make a Wish foundation, Home for Good, Tubs of Love and Transient Workers Count Too.

On top of donations, Kelly notes that some of the members have subsequently volunteered with some of the featured charities. The meetings are just the start of an engaged philanthropy journey that some members will undertake with the charities.


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