We hope that browsing through this website might encourage you to join a giving circle near you. While some circles are private and can only be joined by invitation, others are open to member enquiries. Over time we hope this site will list all giving circles in Asia that have a public profile, complete with contact details. As we add more giving circles and update information, please return to visit our giving circle map.

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If there are no giving circles where you live then consider making enquiries of local community foundations, philanthropy advisory organisations or national organisations that support philanthropy in your country.

  • The contribution of giving circle members was important for us by building relationships with important people and government officers, it helped out advocacy and networking efforts become visible.

    Suman Dasgupta Muktangan
    An NGO supported by the Dasra Giving Circles, India

  • We got the chance to interact with other donors and discuss issues in a group, as opposed to doing it alone.

    Luis Miranda
    Luis is a private equity partners.
    He and his wife are members of Dasra Giving Circles, India

  • We felt that joining a giving circle gave us the opportunity to participate in a bigger project without shouldering all the day-to-day management support, and like the club deals we do commercially, the circle helped us build relationships with other funders.

    Susanne Grossmann
    Dalyan Foundation, Switzerland, a member of Dasra Giving Circles, India

  • When New Day Asia (giving circle) members visited our offices in Phnom Penh it was an opportunity to communicate face-to-face about the project's successes and challenges. They asked questions and provided insightful inputs to help me better execute our operations.

    Seila Samleang
    APLE Executive Director Cambodia

  • The young generation in Japan realised they could no longer bask in the promise of economic growth and job security after the downturn — many shifted their life goals towards making contributions to the society.

    Ken Ito
    Member of Social Ventures Partners Tokyo

  • The concept of venture philanthropy is interesting to many business people, who have been chequebook philanthropists but want to be more involved in giving, who want to know how their gifts are spent.

    Akila Krishankumar
    Chair of Bangalore Chapter of SVP India

  • Opportunity to get involved with non-profits in a much more meaningful way, way beyond writing a cheque and not knowing what happened to the money.

    Catherina Toh
    Member of SVP Melbourne

  • A great way to make significant contributions to the community, increase public awareness of local issues and organisations, and inspire philanthropic giving in Fremantle through an exciting new format.

    Dylan Smith
    CEO of Fremantle Foundation, partner of Impact 100 Freemantle