Year 2016 Articles

Grant night of Impact 100 Melbourne

by Giving Circles Asia on Oct 23, 2016

The 2016 Impact 100 Melbourne Grant night is happening on 17 Nov 2016.

Introductory Evening with Impact 100 Sydney North

by Giving Circles Asia on Sep 14, 2016

Impact 100 Sydney North is holding an introductory evening on Thursday 22nd September 2016. Check out their event at

Impact 100 Global Conference - October 23rd-25th 2016

by Giving Circles Asia on Jun 24, 2016

The mission of the first Impact 100 Global Conference is to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices among Impact 100 groups to allow for continued growth and sustainability of Impact 100 around the world.

Giving Circles on the agenda at a major philanthropy conference

by Giving Circles Asia on Mar 24, 2016

There will be a panel discussion on "Collective Giving: Making Philanthropy More Accessible" at the Generosity Forum, 24 May 2016. Three GCs in Australia will be discussing what’s working and why in this emerging space as well as the motivations.