Year 2017 Articles

Case Study of Dasra Giving Circles - A giving circle scorecard for measuring performance and impact

by Giving Circles Asia on Nov 16, 2017

Dasra has adapted the Balanced Scorecard performance measurement tool to provide quarterly reporting to its giving circles, offering them insights into a non-profit’s progress against impact and financial targets and an early warning of issues.

Circles of influence: The impact of giving circles in Asia

by Giving Circles Asia on Oct 20, 2017

Circles of Influence is the final of six working papers describing innovative financing models that provide capital and non-financial support to entrepreneurial social ventures in Asia.

Case Study of New Day Asia: Adding value through member engagement

by Giving Circles Asia on Aug 31, 2017

This 2nd case study on NDA illustrates how its members add value to grantmaking by volunteering their time and skills to the nonprofits supported. The case study is taken from a forthcoming report on the impact of giving circles in Asia by Rob John.

Case Study of SVP India

by Giving Circles Asia on Jul 13, 2017

SVP India : Indian giving circles collaborate for collective impact.